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Larry Riley says the Warriors can’t win the title without Steph Curry

The former Warriors’ GM knows just how important Curry is to the team’s success.

Golden State Warriors v Washington Wizards Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images

The man who drafted Stephen Curry knows just how good he is, and how important he is to the success of the Golden State Warriors. Larry Riley, who was the GM from 2009 until Bob Myers took over in 2012, doesn’t think Golden State can win a championship without the face of their franchise.

In a radio interview, Riley said, “The Warriors can’t win it all unless Curry’s healthy . . . If he somehow disappears or has another injury, it’s going to be very tough for the Warriors to win - in spite of how great [Kevin] Durant will be.”

Even with Curry, Riley recognized just how big of a threat the Houston Rockets, among other teams, are. “I see it as nothing better than 50-50 if they’re healthy,” Riley noted, before adding that “there’s nothing wrong with that.”

Curry will hopefully return to the team early in the playoffs, and we won’t have to worry about finding out whether or not Riley is correct.

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