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Five takeaways from the Golden State Warriors’ loss to the Milwaukee Bucks

It was shaping up to be an intriguing battle between two of the NBA’s premier talents, but Tre Maddox had other ideas.

NBA: Boston Celtics at Denver Nuggets
Perhaps he’s a fan of True Shooting Percentage?
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Maybe it’s because I love watching Kevin Durant, maybe it’s because I’m a poor excuse for a blog boy, but I actually watched this whole game.

Even after Durant was ludicrously ejected at the end of the first half, I stayed in my seat and watched as the Warriors young guns battled manfully against the odds.

I feel this makes me uniquely qualified to write some words about it.

The All-Stars looked lively

The game started off as a really intriguing battle between some crazy long-armed dudes. Yes, Kevin Durant was back to battle Giannis Antetokuompo.

Throughout the first quarter, they went back and forth. Crucially we saw some glimpses of how the Warriors need to play these next few weeks without Steph Curry.

Durant was operating smoothly within the system, hitting open guys for shots when double teamed, and in return getting some nice looks off movement as well as utilizing his unparalleled scoring skills. By the end of the first half, he’d accumulated six assists to go along with his ten points.

Of course, all that was spoiled by the ejection right before halftime. Durant looked like he got fouled on a couple of trips to the hoop and said something that the referee took exception to, and that was that.

No warning, just tossed straight out of the game. I can only deduce that Tre Maddox is a superfan of PER, TS%, EFG% and every other advanced stat out there.

Even noted referee defender Tim Kawakami thought it looked bad.

It was though his fifth ejection this season, after two for the whole of his career previously. Apparently this is the highest single season total since Rasheed Wallace!

I mean how has mild-mannered Kevin Durant ended up channeling the spirit of a man who once got ejected for yelling his legendary catchphrase ‘Ball Don’t Lie!’

Speaking of fiery legends who have represented Michigan teams, our other returning All-Star, Draymond Green, looked re-energized after a little break due to an impressive range of maladies. Seriously, he’s been filling up that injury list like he fills up a stat sheet.

Last night, though, Green was back. He was active defensively, disrupting passing lanes and bodying up an array of insanely lengthy Bucks players. He also brought some offensive punch, spraying the ball around for assists, and scoring a few buckets himself. Overall, he finished with 11 points, six assists, five rebounds, two steals and a block.

Ultimately though there was a limit to what could be done in the face of this once Durant was tossed. Once Giannis gets a decent coach, there’s going to be trouble.

The inexperience of youth is sometimes an advantage

After the Durant ejection the game was lost. The Bucks saw blood in the water and quickly turned the screws. It looked like it was heading for a blowout.

But here’s the thing about the inexperience of youth. Sometimes you just don’t know when you’re beaten. And so it was left down to the young guys to try to make something of this game in the second half.

We’ll have more to say about Quinn Cook a bit later, but Patrick McCaw and Kevon Looney showed up in the third quarter, bringing the Warriors back with a nice little run. Looney continued his fine recent play with eight points including flashing his jumper, four rebounds, three blocks, and a steal and an assist.

We all know about Looney’s recent play, but it was heartening to see McCaw leading the charge. He finished with 12 points, three assists, and a steal in what hopefully be a confidence boosting game heading into the playoffs.

JaVale McGee settling the center spot

One rotation battle that seems to be settled is the starting center spot. Of course the bulk of the playoff minutes in the middle will go to some combination of Green, David West (who got into a bit of a rhythm in the second quarter and finished with eight points), and Looney, who now appears indispensable.

But sorry, Zaza Pachulia fans, JaVale McGee is grabbing starting that role like a mis-thrown alley-oop.

Last night, he finished with 12 points on 6-for-7 shooting (or dunking really) and two blocks, including sending Giannis packing.

Turnovers remain the biggest concern

This may have been the Warriors third loss in a row, and seventh of the last ten, but now we’re locked into the second seed these games are fairly meaningless. It’s all about getting guys healthy and in rhythm.

But one concerning takeaway from this game was the sheer number of turnovers. The Warriors actually had the lead late in the second quarter, and were looking pretty decent. But they finished the half down 11 off a 9-0 Bucks run fueled by several of the team’s ugly 15 first half turnovers. It was in the midst of that, when Durant got tossed.

Some of that you can put down to guys being out of rhythm, some of it down to Milwaukee’s ridiculous length, but there was some really sloppy stuff there. This remains the biggest non-injury related worry as we limp into the playoffs. They’ve spent most of the season not really trying and those bad habits are hard to get rid of this time of year.

Against good teams there’s just no way to win if we’re just passing the ball straight to them. It’s a particular concern against lengthy teams. That’s why the Oklahoma City Thunder, who lost last night and could very well end up our side of the bracket, are such a dangerous matchup for this team.

It may well get cleared up over the next few games as guys come back and pick up their rhythm. But there’s not a lot of time until the playoffs.

The basketball gods remain thirsty

Today we had several injury scares. Whilst the quick thinking of the referees meant Durant’s night was shortened and therefore his injury risk reduced, Andre Iguodala went out and did not return (and is likely to miss the Kings game), and Young came up hobbling at one point.

Apparently this curse is not limited only to the Warriors, as Giannis seemed to pick something up midway through the third. Didn’t stop him torching us, but come on basketball gods, have some mercy. I mean we already sacrificed a GOAT, what more can we do?


Who was the Warrior Wonder in last night’s loss to Milwaukee?

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    Patrick McCaw
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    Kevon Looney
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  • 1%
    Draymond Green
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    Javale McGee
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