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Quick recap: McCaw goes down, Warriors “win” 112-96 over Sacramento Kings

Klay Thompson’s thumb seems fine, so we got that going for us

NBA: Golden State Warriors at Sacramento Kings Cary Edmondson-USA TODAY Sports

Once again, the Warriors lost a player.

In a game that doesn’t matter, this was the ONE outcome that everyone didn’t want. Patrick McCaw took a bad fall and experienced what was clearly a relatively serious injury.

No one knows exactly what’s going on with the injury, but we will update this article as new information emerges.

On the bright side of basketball things, a lot of Warriors looked excellent tonight. Only 11 turnovers and plenty of distributed scoring - with our all stars back in the fold, this team looks a lot different.

1st quarter

The first quarter was an entertaining back and forth where niether team could really create any separation. DeAaron Fox and Bogdan “Bogdan” Bogdanović were both fantastic for the Kings, attacking on the run and just generally doing enough to hang around.

For the Warriors part, both Klay Thompson and Kevin Durant had an efficient showing - especially impressive for Thompson in his first game back from a thumb injury that is still completely wrapped in tape. If you’ve played basketball (or even if you haven’t) you know how difficult it is to adjust to any thumb issues on your shooting hand. While the final ball release does come off the fingertips, the thumb serves a key role in stabilization as the ball comes into shooting position. I guess Klay is like extra stable or something.

15 points, four rebounds for Durant in the quarter. This guy is so impressively smooth at everything. After pining for this guy for years, it’s amazing how quickly I’ve become accustomed to Durant doing all sorts of beautiful things on the offensive end.

Also, an early candidate for play of the game, as Klay serves up an oop to Javale McGee. Coach Steve Kerr famously said last year that McGee provides “vertical spacing” one simple example of this is how comfortable other players feel throwing the ball up for him.

Also worth noting that Looney was the first big off the bench. He’s struggled to find a home in the rotation, but some combination of injuries and improvement have cemented him into a role that seems likely to carry over into the playoffs.

A 12-2 run by the Warriors to end the 1st gave the Warriors the lead over the Kings: 28-25

2nd quarter

The Shaun Livingston beef was really the biggest thing that stood out to me in this quarter. Not so much for the actual tussle (which was a bit of retaliation after Livingston felt like he was fouled without a whistle on the other end.




Dude just single-handedly:

1.) Stopped the Kings from charging;

2.) Held back something like three of his team mates;

3.) Fended off the ref (avoiding a whistle) and let everyone know that he got this.

In other news, it was just more of the same. The Warriors got some turnovers and shot efficiently, and that’s just going to be too much for the Sacramento Kings to overcome - even without Steph Curry and Andre Iguodala.

3rd Quarter:

Welp. This is where the night took a dark turn.

Vince Carter, by all accounts a good basketball player and all around great guy made a bad split-second decision.

After a number of passes, McCaw got the ball on the wing, just inside the three-point line and drove in for a dunk. Carter, on the wrong side of the aging hill and caught out of position, caught McCaw with a stiff arm that clipped McCaw’s lower legs just enough to set him spinning.

In basketball, this is what we call an undercut, and it’s probably the most egregious and widely respected rule in any form of basketball. When a player is exposed in the air like this, there’s just no way to recover your orientation in time if someone knocks your legs. Carter was shook and clearly felt bad, but the damage was done.

The game was pretty much over by this point anyways, but it sure was a deflating way to end the quarter.

The Warriors laid a 36-20 quarter on the Kings, but ended up losing a bigger war.

4th quarter

Ugh. I dunno. More basketball happened, the teams hit my pregame prediction of 101-80 with around 7 minutes left in the game. But right around that point in the game, the team announced that McCaw was being transferred to UC Davis.

So much emotion. Steve Kerr, as is often the case, eloquently summed up what all of Dub Nation was going through:

Next up

The Warriors have a short turnaround tomorrow, hosting the tanking Phoenix Suns at 5:30 at Oracle.

We will keep you updated as news emerges tonight on McCaw. Pray if that’s your thing, because this just sucks.