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An Ode to Ron Adams

The New York Times recently featured Ron Adams, a beloved and tenacious Warriors assistant coach

New York Knicks v Golden State Warriors Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

Inspired by the New York Times profile of Warriors Assistant Coach Ron Adams

The Wise Man

A journeyman is someone who can’t a find a home

Who twists and toils, who roams in a zone

For our fair Warriors have their own of the lot

They call him Ron Adams, and he used to get hot

For a coach, you see, it’s a painstaking game

The details, the defense, the minutiae, the fame

But Ron is a different kind of goat

He likes winning, and defense and is an anecdote

to hard work, and grit and an adventurous mind

in Chicago and Boston, now the Bay, what a find!

Kerr had to recruit him over pizza, no fancy cars,

Ron even sent back the Pinot Noir

Kerr coaxed him to be his right-hand man

But no one was ready for Ron’s ceaseless demand

“He needs to chill”, “relax” “pipe down” they all said

After losing poor Ron always stewed in his dread

But time heals wounds and habits can change

Now Ron bumps rap music, he’s turned a new page

Upon reflecting, he finds his north star

It’s being a good citizen that’s gotten him this far

Art, and fine wine, an extensive book collection

Complete our coach Ron, those things got him flexin’

He’s done with aggression, obsession, possession

The Dubs taught a new lesson, live life with expression

To resisting, and reading, and asking questions with sense

He’s more than his defense, the man is a mensch

His heart lives in the gym, but travels beyond the court

He reminds us that life is more than a sport

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