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NBA playoff watch thread: Three games tonight, including Warriors’ potential round 2 opponent

After a two-point loss in game 1, can the Blazers even the series?

Playoff basketball is back with a vengeance in the NBA, giving fans plenty to cheer (and jeer) about.

Even though the Golden State Warriors aren’t in on the action tonight, that doesn’t mean that we don’t have a rooting interest. Before the West coast game kicks off though, we’ve got two Eastern playoff games to take care of.

In the East

Washington Wizards at Toronto Raptors, 4pm PST on NBATV

The Raptors are the #1 seed in the East, propelled by the dynamic scoring of backcourt mates Kyle Lowry, and DeMar DeRozan. While the Raptors haven’t got a ton of love from the media at large, they are pretty legitimate.

They’ve been toeing the line for a while, and many fans, including our own Hugo Kitano are fervently hoping that this could (finally) be the year the Raptors do some damage in the playoffs.

They currently hold a 1-0 lead over a Wizards team that isn’t especially threatening.

Oh, they also have one of the best mascots in the game:

Milwaukee Bucks at Boston Celtics, 5 pm PST, on TNT

Game one was one of the more exciting game ones in the NBA playoffs so far- and that’s saying something!

After battling to a dead standstill that included a flurry of last-minute shots, the Celtics managed to pull away from the Bucks in OT... but only after the Bucks two best players fouled out. Game two should be another epic battle, as the Bucks have the athleticism and talent, but the Celtics play a more disciplined and well-coached style.

In the West

New Orleans Pelicans at Portland Trailblazers, 7:30(ish)pm, on TNT

Anthony Davis went nuts for 35 points and 14 rebounds in the opener, and a late block from Jrue Holiday sealed a 97-95 victory against Portland in game one.

The Blazers backcourt shot horribly, and it took a number of consecutive remarkable plays for the Pelicans to put this one away.

Game two promises to be equally entertaining, and will hold by far the most interest for Warriors fans this evening.

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