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It’s McGee’s time to shine: Get the “Gold Grill JaVale” t-shirt from Breaking T!

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The good people of BreakingT are partnering up with GSoM to unleash the greatest piece of McGee/DubNation art of all time.

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JaVale McGee has risen from the ranks of Shaqtin-A-Fool to the stratosphere of NBA champion and San Antonio Spurs killer.

So far this postseason, McGee is averaging 12 points, 5 rebounds, and a block per game on 71% shooting from the field. In Game 1, he came up big in limiting LaMarcus Aldridge.

Not only that, but this artistic savant even dropped a banging album at the start of the playoffs. Is there anything the loveable big fella can’t do?

Actually, there is one thing he can’t do: he can’t stop swagging on the NBA. McGee has taken basketball fashion to the next level with his iconic gold grill mouth piecel.

McGee is truly adopting his new Bay swag, as that is one of the most East Oakand-ish things I’ve ever witnessed on the hardwood. Now, BreakingT is commemorating McGee’s golden moment with this FIRE shirt.


You can cop the shirt at BreakingT for $26, and represent for our team, our guy Javale, and the whole Bay.