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Warriors at Spurs: Let’s sweep up this mess and move on

With the Pelicans waiting in the wings, Golden State needs to finish business against the Spurs.

NBA: Playoffs-Golden State Warriors at San Antonio Spurs Soobum Im-USA TODAY Sports

Sundays are good days for housecleaning. You do some laundry, pick up the living room, and sweep the front steps.

The Golden State Warriors hold a 3-0 lead over the vaunted San Antonio Spurs, so just need one win today to sweep through their first round opponent yet again.

Oh — what’s that? You didn’t know?

Yeah, the thing is, sweeping through the first round is kind of the Warriors thing since Steve Kerr took over as head coach.

The enemy in front of the gate

Before we get too far ahead of ourselves, let’s talk about the Spurs and what today’s game should look like.

All series long, San Antonio has struggled to get anyone going against the Warriors defense. Other than Patty Mills dropping 21 in Game Two, they have pretty much been a one-trick pony. Unfortunately, that pony has been LaMarcus Aldridge, and he’s more of that plodding pony ride at the fair that just goes around in a circle.

If the Spurs are (once again) relying on Aldridge, and only Aldridge, to carry them to victory then it sure appears as if they only brought enough tickets for four rides this postseason.

Regardless of how this game turns out, the Spurs are probably going to need some brooms to clear out their house. An aging core, uninspiring young players, and an adequate star player doesn’t seem like the sort of path that the great Spurs dynasty would be comfortable following.

Stay healthy!

The number one priority in this game is health. After a couple of scary moments, it appears as if both Kevin Durant and Shaun Livingston are available to play today.

Speaking of health and priorities, be sure to check out this great retrospective from Warriors players on Manu Ginobli, a great player who is currently slogging through those awkward couple seasons where everyone is asking about retirement.

Looking forward, and around the league

In case you missed it yesterday, the New Orleans Pelicans swept past the Portland Trailblazers. Although not the most shocking thing to ever happen in the NBA, it was the postseason’s first upset. Assuming the Warriors can get past the Spurs, it looks like we would start the second round next weekend.

The timing doesn’t change much if we can’t get out of the first round, so it behooves the Warriors to take care of business today in order to ensure maximum rest and recovery time before wrangling with Anthony Davis and the shockingly adept backcourt of Jrue Holiday and Rajon Rondo.

A few other games today of interest, but mostly I’ll be paying attention to the Cavs and Pacers series (at 5:30 this evening). LeBron has looked disinterested, and the Cavs have generally look outclassed. An early post season exit could almost certainly mean that LeBron will be taking his talents elsewhere this summer.

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