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Playoff watch thread: Will the Rockets and Jazz clinch tonight?

Full slate of games tonight, from Lebron, to a couple of closeout games in the West

NBA: Finals-Golden State Warriors at Cleveland Cavaliers Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

Alright folks, your Golden State Warriors took care of business last night and locked up a Second Round showdown with the New Orleans Pelicans - meaning we don’t have much to worry about over the next few days. So in the meantime, we may as well pull up a chair and check out some of the other action in the NBA.

There are four games on tonight. Oddly enough though, the NBA has scheduled it so that two games are being played concurrently. So I guess you’re just supposed to flip between the games or install two TVs.

The Early Games

First up, tonight at 4pm: Washington Wizards at Toronto Raptors; and Indiana Pacers at Cleveland Cavaliers. Both series are tied at 2-2.

Wizards at Raptors

Poor Toronto. Seems like every year they are just good enough to convince their fans that this is the year they finally figure it all out - only to get blasted out of the post season. This season isn’t yet decided, of course, but looks to be leaning towards another familiar refrain.

The series opened with a couple of decisive home victories for the Raptors, only to be followed with two solid home victories...for the Wizard. At this point, it’s anyone’s series.

Will the Raptors continue to crumble? Or is this REALLY the year they figure out how to win in the postseason?

Pacers at Cavs

This has been a weird year for Lebron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers. After flailing their way into the middle of the pack in the newly competent Eastern conference, the Cavs made a series of bold deadline trades that... sorta worked out?

Now the team is facing a familiar sight: Lebron James is pretty much single-handedly carrying the Cavs and looking both unflappably dominant at times, and ready to get the heck out of Cleveland at other times. Give the Pacers and Victor Oladipo credit for making this a series - they’ve done a wondrous job at shutting down the rest of the Cavs. Now that Lebron is no longer sure that he “has a squad,” the Cavs are balanced on a razor’s edge.

With a split in Indiana, the Cavs reclaimed home court advantage in what is now a best of three series. The stakes are incredibly high for Cleveland, which is all too familiar with the knowledge that Lebron is more than comfortable walking away if the situation doesn’t suit him.

The Later Games

Once those pesky Easter games are out of the way, the left coast takes over for the evening. Both of these series are at 3-1, meaning one team is fighting for the playoff lives, and the other is seriously desiring a quick end in order to maximize rest time.

Timberwolves at Rockets

It’s going to take a bit of a miracle for the Timberwolves to recover from the absolute drubbing they took from Houston over the weekend. If the Wolves somehow magically recover from a 50-point shellacking in one quarter, then I guess maybe there’s an outside chance they win this game.

Jazz at Thunder

Now this one, this one right here is going to be a GAME y’all!!

The Thunder have been driven to the brink of elimination by a team that is one of the most under-rated team in the post season. Russell Westbrook can play as angry as he likes, but the Thunder are just flat out struggling against Utah.

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