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Curry buried the Pelicans in ‘15 and The Birds want vengeance

Stephen Curry turned the Pelicans into a footnote in his Golden Moment three years ago. Let’s reflect on that devastating event in light of New Orleans’ raging return to meet the champs in the postseason.

NBA: New Orleans Pelicans at Golden State Warriors Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Back in the 1980’s when I began basketball blogging for the edgy, ahead-of-it’s-time, but now-defunct, “”, I was always looking for stories that would stand the test of time. Some, like my hard hitting exposé on Jheri Curls in baseball during the 80s, have been lost in the sands of time. Fortunately, I was able to unearth a more recent piece that has extreme levels of pertinence in today’s playoff climate.

Ah yes, “Golden Moment: Warriors rundown Pelicans in Game 3”.

I ardently crafted a homage to the fascinating Golden State Warriors triumph over the New Orleans Pelicans during the first round of the 2015 playoffs. In this piece, I reflected on an epic chapter in Warriors lore through the lens of a faithful Warriors fan’s family in East Oakland back in 2015.

Here is an excerpt from my personal testimony of this seminal event, for the classic GSoM series, “Golden Moments”:

My mother and I glumly sighed at the screen during the commercial break. Our frustration from our unfulfilled bloodlust was only barely tempered by our waning patience for the young team’s growing pains. I turned exasperatedly towards the Lil Caesar’s breadstick box for comfort food when my father calmly uttered, “They are gonna win.” My mom and I shot each other wearied, curious glances. Had he not seen the solid brick house the Warriors were building for the three little piggies? We couldn’t buy a basket!

“I can feel it,” he cheerfully continued. “These boys ain’t going out like that.”

Down 20. Backs against the wall in foreign territory. The rabid horde of Pelican fans shrieking with deafening derision into the air.


Spoiler alert: my father was right on the money with his golden prediction.

Looking back

It was the first sweep of the Splash Bros era, and the moment we all realized Stephen Curry was literally the clutchest shooter in the history of all basketball. Meanwhile young Pelicans star, Anthony Davis, was banished into obscurity for three years, toiling away with no playoff wins on his resume. The Pelicans franchise was nearly crushed forever.

The Pelicans yearn for sweet revenge

This Saturday, the red-hot Pelicans meet the defending champion Warriors in the playoffs for the first time since Stephen Curry charbroiled Anthony Davis’ face off from 27 feet to complete the greatest playoff comeback in Warriors history.

The Pelicans fanbase has been biding their time, waiting in the shadows for many moons, hoping for a chance at redemption. Their bubbling fury towards The Bay was evident when Oakland native, Portland Trailblazer, and All-Star point guard Damian Lillard was destroyed in the first round by the Pelicans. Here is a clip of the Bay Area looking for Dame after what the Birds did to him!!!!

Then again, Golden State did humiliate them

Clearly, the Pelicans are seething with animosity for the Bay’s team destroying them three years ago. But can you blame them? The Warriors built what now stands as the towering Golden Empire on the soil of graves filled with Pelican bones.

But don’t take my word for it! Check out the full retrospective here.

And remember why the New Orleans Pelicans must be stopped again, this Saturday, at all costs.