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The joyless slog of watching the Warriors without Steph

It’s clear the Warriors aren’t as good without Stephen Curry. But on top of that, they’re not nearly as fun to watch.

NBA: Playoffs-Golden State Warriors at San Antonio Spurs John Glaser-USA TODAY Sports

The Warriors aren’t nearly as good without Stephen Curry. And that’s obvious—any time a team loses an MVP to injury, it’s going to suffer in the wins column. With Steph Curry and others injured during the regular season, the team lost more games than anybody expected.

Stephen Curry makes his teammates miles better on offense, pulling defenders away from them with his shooting ability. He keeps the Warriors running the floor on offense, passes well, and shoots better than anybody in NBA history. He’s the engine that runs their team.

But even in his absence, the Warriors are more equipped than any team in history to deal with injury: Kevin Durant, Klay Thompson, and Draymond Green are All-Stars with impressive individual skills and collaborative chemistry. And so far this season, they’ve done enough to keep the Warriors on track in their quest for another championship.

But man, it has been a slog. The Warriors have thankfully picked up the defensive effort with Curry out, but the offense is as slow as ever. And it’s not like Kevin Durant and Klay Thompson have been struggling: they’ve both been doing rather well. Simply, the offense is predictable, prone to stalling, and boring. For long stretches, the Warriors rely on their role players to either hit threes or create shots, to middling success.

Without Curry, the Warriors aren’t really the Warriors. Their entire identity and gameplay is different. It’s like watching a whole other team compete, and it’s rather frustrating to watch. Stephen Curry has us all spoiled.

Thankfully, Curry will return soon, and all should be well. We’re all looking forward to the increased pace, open shots, and MVP swagger Curry brings to the team. Let’s hope he stays healthy, and we don’t have to return to their scattered offense without him.

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