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Warriors at Thunder: Short handed? That’s the only way we play these days!

Looney (flu) and Livingston (personal reasons) join the list of unavailable players

NBA: Oklahoma City Thunder at Golden State Warriors Cary Edmondson-USA TODAY Sports

At lunch today, I was talking about this game, and how comical it’s getting trying to assemble a squad right now.

“Oh!? Kevon Looney? [ scoffs] You’ve still got Durant, Klay, and Draymond though, right?” My coworker quipped.

And that right there sums it all up. That’s why the rest of the basketball world has absolutely no compassion for the Golden State Warriors’ struggles right now. They don’t want to hear about how we are about to play a team that beat us twice already this season and that we are going to play without our starting point guard, backup point guard, best bench player, and a key wing reserve (or two). And that’s fine. This is why we got Durant after all, right?

This should be fun anyways

Ok, so just to refresh your memory: no Curry, Livingston, Iguodala, Casspi, Looney, or McCaw. But just like my coworker was saying, it’s not like we are totally bereft of options. And with this matchup, you know both teams are going to be up for this game.

Technically the Warriors have nothing but pride to play for, while the full strength Thunder are still fighting tooth and nail for the most favorable playoff position. So if this was a normal game, I’d expect it to be a slow death for the Warriors as they just got ground down throughout the course of the game.

But because this is Russell “saltier than the ocean” Westbrook’s team we are talking about, something tells me this is one of those games that our guys are going to take a little personal.

Kerr is going to start Zaza Pachulia, ostensibly because he likes his size against Steven Adams, but perhaps maybe also because of the extra added edge:

don’t worry everyone, Russ was ok

Another chance for Quinn Cook to shine, and Kerr to try crazy stuff

Without Curry, Livingston or Iguodala, a whole lot of ball-handling responsibility is going to fall onto Quinn Cook. He’s been playing wonderfully lately, but 40 minutes of chasing Westbrook around is definitely going to be a tall order, especially if Cook also has to run the offense for most of the night.

So coach Steve Kerr is going to have to get a little bit inventive. I’d expect Durant and Green to both pull plenty of weight serving as the de facto point guard tonight. I don’t know how well this is going to work against a Thunder team that leads the league in opponent turnovers, but here we are.

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