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Klay Thompson’s brother Trayce joins the Oakland Athletics

Two of the Thompson brothers will be sharing a city, and a home.

Fans of Oakland sports got some excitement this week. Trayce Thompson, brother of Golden State Warriors’ shooting guard Klay Thompson, joined the Oakland Athletics.

Trayce’s movement this season has been exciting for Bay Area sports fans. He began the season with the Los Angeles Dodgers, which led to the unfortunate sight of Klay wearing a Dodgers hat. But, prior to the start of the season, Trayce was designated for assignment, and picked up by the New York Yankees.

The Yankees ultimately didn’t want him, and the A’s were able to claim him off waivers. So whether you’re a Giants fan or an A’s fan, it’s been good news!

Now that two of the Thompson bros will be in the same city, they’ll also be roommates, as Klay revealed that he’ll be housing Trayce.

As many have joked on Twitter, get a reality TV crew in that house immediately!

It’s also pretty exciting for people who want the A’s to get better, as Trayce has shown a lot of promise with the bat, while being able to play all three outfield positions.

Go A’s, and go Thompson brothers!