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Patrick McCaw is nearing a return

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The second-year wing could return for some playoff action.

Golden State Warriors v Minnesota Timberwolves Photo by Zhong Zhi/Getty Images

When Patrick McCaw first injured his back in a frightening fall, it looked like his career might have been over. Then, when it was reported that there was no neural damage, it looked like it was just his season that was over. Now, that may not even be the case.

McCaw has been progressing well in the past few weeks, and there’s now a chance that he could return to action before the season ends.

McCaw is expected to work out tonight before Game 1, which would represent his first on-court pregame workout since the injury. This comes on the heels of multiple days of non-contact drills.

The reevaluation for McCaw is set for the end of the month, which means that, if all is going well, he could be on track to return for the NBA Finals, should the Warriors beat the Houston Rockets in the Conference Finals.

Of course, even if McCaw is able to return to action, it’s unclear whether or not he would play. Steve Kerr might be hesitant to use a player who hasn’t seen the court in over two months, especially in such an enormous situation.

Not only that, but teams can only have 13 active players on any given night, which means that two players would need to be inactive in order for McCaw to suit up. Damian Jones has been inactive every game since Stephen Curry returned, so that’s a clear first choice, but who else would Kerr be willing to make inactive? Zaza Pachulia is the only other player not currently being utilized.

Still, this is good news for the team, and especially good news for McCaw. And if he is good to go in a few weeks, well . . . too many good players is never a bad problem to have.