A Look at a Few Numbers: HOU-GSW Game 1

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HOU shot 5 more shots than GSW but had lower percentages. Both GSW and HOU scored 39 points from 3-point shots (GSW +0). GSW scored 58 points from 2-point shots and HOU 52 (GSW +6). And GSW committed 17 personal fouls to HOU’s 23 with result that GSW when 22 of 25 from the free throw line and HOU 15 of 21 [included Green technical foul] (GSW +7).

True to its philosophy, HOU scored only 7.5% of its points from mid-range, but GSW also scored a low percentage of 11.8%. However, this was possibly the biggest difference in shot selection – 3-pointers, GSW 41.3% of shots attempted, HOU 43.5%, and 2-pointers, GSW 58.8% and HOU 56.5%.

Of GSW’s FGM, 57.1 were assisted (41.4% of 2pm and 92.3% of 3PM) while HOU assisted on 46.2% (50% 2PM and 38.5% of 3PM). Between teams, these contrasts in assists for 2- and 3-pointers is one of the strongest differences that appear among the game’s numbers.


GSW boxing out 38 times to Hou’s 25 led to a better overall rebounding parentage, but GSW often conceded HOU defensive rebounds retreating to defend rather than try to capture offensive rebounds. This led to HOU having a higher offensive rebounding percentage, 18.2 to 15.8. The result was seen in HOU having only 3 fast-break points to GSW’s 18, GSW paid no penalty in second-chance points with HOU’s 7 ORBDs leading to only 7 points to GW’s 5 second-chance points off 3 ORBDs. Underlying these rebounding numbers is the fact that GSW only missed 38 shots (of 80) to HOU’s 46 misses (of 85).


Kevin Durant was by far GSW’s highest scorer with 37 points (Thompson had 28, Curry 18). Second Spectrum does an analysis of offensive-player-against-defensive-player matchups. While they are not always the pairing on a possession that I would assign, they are nevertheless often insightful. According to Second Spectrum, Durant on offense was matched up with nine different defensive players (

These ranged from PJ Tucker, 25 possessions, and James Harden, 20, to Gerald Green, 2, and Nene, 3. While, numbers-wise, Ariza may have done best in defending Durant, due to foul trouble and assignments he matched up with Durant on only 7 possessions, so little conclusion can be drawn from this. Of his two most frequent defenders, Tucker and Harden, Harden looks better in these matchup numbers. In 20 matchup possessions with Durant against Harden, Duran scored 11 points (44.4% FG%) and GSW scored 21. In Tucker’s 25 defensive matchup possessions, Durant scored 14 points (71.4% FG%) and GSW 38. Indeed, if one looked at only these numbers, Tucker was not only Durant’s most frequent defender (31.3% of Durant’s matchups), but possibly the worst.

In PJ Tucker’s other 42 matchups, no one else scored against him, but GSW did score 49 points during these matchups.


While I am sure no GSoMers fail to appreciate Draymond’s on-court value, this was a game in which his numbers particularly shined despite scoring only 5 points on 1 for 5 shooting (and despite a Tech). I felt I could not pass him by without mention. Not only was his net rating the highest on the team, +30.8 points, but his offensive rating was the highest, 129.3 and his defensive rating the second lowest, 98.5. (Looney had 95.7, and Thompson at 98.9 was the only other nearby DefRtg.) In 36:50, Draymond had a plus-minus of +19 – Thompson +13 (42 min), Durant +11 (40 min), and Curry +5 (35 min). Draymond had 9 RBD, 9 AST, 2 STL, and 2 BLK while committing 2 PF and going 3 for 4 in FT.


GSW won the game via 2-pointers and the free throw line. Conversely, HOU lost the game by subpar shooting from three, 35.1%, and not as well as GSW from two,45.9% to 52.5%, in addition to fouling while failing to make their own free throws, 15 for 21. PJ Tucker appears to have been a poor choice to defend Durant, but Durant can make almost anyone look bad.

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