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NBA scores: Rockets Throttle Warriors, 127-105

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Warriors could not overcome turnovers and Rockets’ 3s from supporting cast.

Golden State Warriors v Houston Rockets - Game Two Photo by Tim Warner/Getty Images

Before the Western Conference Finals started, Kevin Durant warned against having the mentality of being satisfied with getting a split on the road.

Now, here we are.

The Golden State Warriors lost this game in the first quarter when they committed nine turnovers in the first quarter and forgot how to guard the perimeter. The Warriors also had no answer defensively as the Houston Rockets quickened the pace and moved phenomenally without the ball. Rocket’s ball movement lead to role players getting involved and them driving the game.

Golden State’s offense was virtually Druant. His line? 38 points on 13/22 shooting. Stephen Curry’s offensive struggles continue, as he continue to search for his timing and rhythm, all while expending energy on defense. In game one, he was pedestrian but did other things to help the Warriors win. In game two, he was downright passive. To Curry’s credit, he won't admit that he is still hampered by his knee. Since the Warriors had to rely on Durant tonight, here’s what I’m wondering. Was running the offense through Durant the plan initially? Did the rest of the team take themselves out of the game and watch Durant go on an ISO spree?

Technically, the Warriors succeeded in getting a split on the road. It was even expected. However, there was no excuse for them to play lethargic. No excuse to lose composure, nor to play passively on both ends of the floor.

The effort was trash. Bottom line. Bar none.

Now, Golden State has three days to “sit in it”. When they sit in it, hopefully they will remember the stench. Remember how they let the game get out of hand and carry this throughout the series to vanquish the Rockets and advance to their 4th straight finals.



Series tied 1-1

Next game: Sunday, May 20 at 5 p.m. PST.


Who was your Warrior Wonder in Game 2 vs. the Rockets?

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    PJ Tucker
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