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Ticket prices set a record high for Western Conference Finals

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The series has a lot of anticipation, a lot of entertainment, and a lot of revenue.

Golden State Warriors v Houston Rockets - Game Two Photo by Tim Warner/Getty Images

This year’s Western Conference Finals have been as highly anticipated as any in recent memory. The Golden State Warriors and Houston Rockets were emphatically the two best teams in the league this past season, so their inevitable clash in the NBA Playoffs has had fans giddy for months.

So it should come as no surprise that the series is also incredibly pricey for those seeking tickets. According to Ticket IQ (which is selling tickets to the games that are in Oakland), this series sets the record for most expensive non-Finals playoff series in NBA history.

The average ticket price (based on resale prices) for the series is $1,013, which is nearly $250 more than the previous high, the 2016 Conference Finals between the Warriors and the Oklahoma City Thunder.

Those numbers come largely from the prices at Oracle Arena. The average price for the games in Houston is $800, with a get-in price of $135. In Oakland, where Games 3, 4, and 6 will take place, the average price is a whopping $1,296, which obliterates the mark of $793 that the team set two years ago.

So there you have it. It’s one heck of a series, but it comes at a cost.