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Steph Curry has complete confidence in his shot

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Golden State’s point guard has struggled shooting the ball in this series, but that means nothing to him.

Golden State Warriors v Houston Rockets - Game Two Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

So far in the Western Conference Finals, Stephen Curry hasn’t been his normal self. The Golden State Warriors superstar has struggled shooting the basketball against the Houston Rockets, and in the first two games has shot just 2-13 from beyond the arc.

Naturally, because of how how important this series is, there has been a fair amount of overreaction. Questions about Curry’s health have surfaced, as well as the idea that Houston attacking Curry’s defense has worn him down.

The more likely reason seems to be that Curry has simply had a few off games, as happens to every star player over the course of the season. That’s certainly how he feels about it, as he has been stressing the confidence he has in his shot.

Talking about working on his shot between games (the Warriors and Rockets have four off days between Game 2 and Game 3), Curry said the mindset is, “Getting your rhythm, seeing the ball go in, work on your mechanics, but never lose confidence.”

Not surprisingly, Curry isn’t the only person who has confidence in his shot. His fellow superstar Kevin Durant expressed absolutely zero concern over Curry’s struggling jumper.

To his credit, Curry hasn’t let his outside shot impact the rest of his game. He’s shooting 13-21 from inside the arc, and has 15 assists to just three turnovers. He’s also rebound well, with 13 rebounds through the first two games.

Long story short: Steph Curry is really good, he’s playing well despite the three-point struggles, and there is zero reason to think he won’t return to fire from beyond the arc for the rest of the series.