BETRAYED: A Warriors Fan's Takeaways from a Critical Game 4 Loss at Home

Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

The irony is we are playing more ISO-ball in peak Kerr Mature Era than we ever played in the Jackson Embryonic Era.


1. If you take away Green's 8 assists, the entire rest of team had 6 assists! THAT is not WARRIORS BALL.

2. D'Antoni is tickled pink, we played THEIR game. They are better than we are at it, though in KD, we have the greatest ISO-Ball scorer of this era.

3. As we have had indications all season, when the going gets tough, we have gone to ISO-BALL. Did the same here, highly-entertaining, in-your-face one-on-one, with the expected result when you play the other team's game: a LOSS.

4. This team has lost its identity. Relying on individual talent, not collective team play, this team's MOJO!


1. Totally unimaginative; zero adjustments. No defense-in-depth in the lane.

3. Got everything they wanted, AT WILL, in the lane, finished or kicked out. This time, they made most of their layups and shots, unlike game 3.

4. As expected, got key players in foul trouble with their penetration on individual play.


1. Coaching failure; played other team's game. Lost Identity. Zero innovation.

2. Strength in Numbers went out the window; shortened rotations, and, simply let them play.

3. In-game management failure, particularly with game on line.

4. Paying now for season-long complacency, not developing depth/options.


Where are you Harrison Barnes and passing up shots/shoving to the better 3pt shot/corner 3s?

Is it too late in this series to go back to pre-KD-Era Warriors Ball Movement, Beautiful Game? Can we?

How much depth did we have before KD? At what $ cost? How has his acquisition impacted ball movement/rotation options, on this team?

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