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Warriors vs Rockets Game 5 halftime score: Tied up at 45

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Things are getting intense:

NBA: Playoffs-Golden State Warriors at Houston Rockets John Glaser-USA TODAY Sports

Game 5 started the way Game 4 ended: With the Golden State Warriors looking stagnant on offense, with no rhythm, and having a hard time scoring. Thankfully, their defense kept them treading water long enough that they could crawl back in it.

And now we have ourselves one heck of a game, with the Warriors and Houston Rockets tied 45-45. And the Warriors have quite a bit of momentum heading into the third.

For Golden State, it was all Kevin Durant early, as he seemed to be the only player who could get anything going. Klay Thompson and Stephen Curry starter to catch fire in the second quarter, and played an integral part of the comeback.

Let’s get some highlights, shall we?

But the best highlight of the half came from coach Steve Kerr, who had some at the expense of James Harden.

Fasten your seatbelts, Dub Nation. The most important game of the year now is just a 24-minute game. Here come the fireworks.