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Warriors vs. Rockets, Game 6 halftime score: Houston leads, 61-51

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The Warriors were lucky to be within 10 in the second quarter after a pretty bad first quarter.

Houston Rockets v Golden State Warriors - Game Six Photo by Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images

The Golden State Warriors had a rough start in the first quarter of Game 6 and find themselves down 61-51 to the Houston Rockets at halftime.

Yes, the Warriors found a way to score less points than the Rockets without Chris Paul.

If I were to summarize the first half in a tweet, I’d probably do so like this:

The Warriors continue to settle for the first shot they can get instead of working for good shots. But when they do look to get to the rim or stay patient in their offense, they’ve been quite effective.

Kevin Durant led the Warriors with a team-high tying 14 points but had numerous questionable plays in the process. But the play of the half might have been this one, where Durant showed his ability on both ends.

Klay Thompson also had 14 and Steph Curry had 13. But look at the text of that last tweet: we have to get it together, folks.

This is your second half thread.