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Andre Iguodala out for Game 7

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The Warriors will be shorthanded in Houston.

NBA: Playoffs-Houston Rockets at Golden State Warriors Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Welp. The unfortunate news that we were all expecting is here: Andre Iguodala is officially out for Game 7. The Golden State Warriors will be shorthanded as they try to beat the Houston Rockets and advance to the NBA Finals.

Not surprisingly, the inability to play has been frustrating and upsetting for Iguodala. He’s not only one of the Warriors’ key players, but an incredibly fierce competitor.

Coach Steve Kerr, who has called Iguodala one of the smartest minds in basketball, spoke to the media about the injury and what it means.

Without Iguodala, the Warriors will have to keep playing bigger lineups. Kevon Looney and Jordan Bell will surely see a lot of playing time tonight.

In theory, Patrick McCaw would get a lot of Iguodala’s minutes, but given that McCaw has only played four minutes since his injury two months ago, that’s likely not an option.

It’s Game 7, on the road, without Iguodala. It isn’t going to be easy. But it is going to be exciting.