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Draymond Green sprained his ankle in Game 7

Lost in the excitement of a huge victory was a potentially important injury.

Golden State Warriors v Houston Rockets - Game Seven Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

Monday night’s Game 7 was a tremendous day for the Golden State Warriors. There was drama and adversity that they had to overcome. There were heroics, highlights, and special moments. And, most importantly, there was a series-clinching 101-92 victory over the Houston Rockets, which propelled the Warriors to their fourth consecutive NBA Finals.

Lost in the greatness was one unfortunate tidbit: Draymond Green sprained his ankle. Green didn’t leave the game, or even show any signs of being in pain, but he apparently rolled the ankle rather strongly. After the game, he admitted that adrenaline came into play, and there wasn’t any discomfort, but that once the game was over he was in noticeable amounts of pain.

Green added that he’ll be good going forward, so his optimism is comforting. Still, it’s a little worrying, since ankles can be so finicky. Even though it seems likely that he’ll play in Thursday’s Game 1, the chances are increased that he’ll hurt the ankle again during the series.

Video of Green’s post-game interviews revealed a heavily wrapped ankle.

Still, if the team were really worried about the injury, it seems unlikely that they’d let him do standing interviews.

So while this isn’t good news, it certainly isn’t any time to panic.

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