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Andre Iguodala is still hurt

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After missing four games in the Western Conference Finals, the wing looks likely to begin the NBA Finals in a suit.

NBA: Playoffs-Houston Rockets at Golden State Warriors Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

The Golden State Warriors are a better team when Andre Iguodala. That much is undeniable. Iguodala slid into a starting role this postseason, and the former All-Star played a huge part in getting the team to the NBA Finals.

Unfortunately, he hurt his knee in Game 3 of the Western Conference Finals against the Houston Rockets, and missed the final four games of the series. In the process, the team barely hung on to win the series, and advance to face the Cleveland Cavaliers with a title on the line.

When Iguodala first suffered the injury, he was listed as day-to-day. The team wasn’t sure whether he’d even miss Game 4. But here we are, more than a week later, and he’s still not even practicing. And both he, and the team, are perplexed.

According to the Mercury News, Iguodala can walk without pain, but cannot currently run without pain.

Meanwhile, ESPN reported that Iguodala, frustrated with a lack of answers about the injury, received a second opinion. He’s clearly exercising all of his options to try and make it back onto the court.

Iguodala is not only a key part of the team, but a very important player in the matchup with the Cavaliers. He is perhaps the team’s best option when it comes to defending LeBron James, and his role doing so in 2015 earned him a Finals MVP trophy.

The Warriors will still be heavily favored over the Cavs, even if Iguodala misses the entire series. But having him back sure would be nice.