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Patrick McCaw begins modified on-court activities, is out at least another month

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It looks like the season is over for the Warriors’ second-year wing.

Golden State Warriors v Los Angeles Lakers Photo by Harry How/Getty Images

It’s looking like Patrick McCaw won’t play for the Golden State Warriors again this season. The second-year swingman was reevaluated on Thursday, and while the news was overall positive, he won’t be reevaluated for another four weeks.

Here’s the full statement from the team:

Warriors guard Patrick McCaw, who has been sidelined since suffering a lumbosacral bone bruise on March 31 against the Kings in Sacramento, was re-evaluated today by the team’s medical staff. The evaluation indicated that McCaw is making steady functional progress and, as a result, has been cleared to begin modified on-court shooting and running drills. In addition to his on-court work, McCaw will continue to build his overall strength and conditioning under the guidance of the team’s training staff. He will be re-evaluated again in four (4) weeks.

Four weeks takes the team to the end of the month. Even if McCaw were ready to play after his reevaluation, he’ll be rusty enough that the team probably wouldn’t activate him anyway. So it certainly seems like McCaw won’t be playing again until next season.

While that’s rough for McCaw, it still feels like a win given how scary his injury was.