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Draymond Green is helping the Warriors scout draft prospects

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The do-everything forward is helping with the draft, and will likely be in the team’s draft room on Thursday.

2018 NBA Finals - Game Four Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

Draymond Green can do a little bit of everything when it comes to basketball. The three-time All-Star for the Golden State Warriors can pass, score, rebound, defend all five positions, and is known for his leadership.

And now, apparently, he’s known for his scouting as well. While most NBA players are off enjoying their offseasons and staying far away from their teams, Green has been at the Warriors facility in Oakland, helping out as the team runs draft prospects through workouts.

And, according to The Athletic’s Anthony Slater, Green’s presence has been so strong in the lead up to Thursday’s NBA Draft that he’ll likely be in the team’s draft room while they make their selections.

The man who is really behind the draft work, general manager Bob Myers, was highly complimentary when asked about Green’s pre-draft presence.

He just loves basketball,” Myers said when describing Green. “I mean: What’s he doing here? He’s at our draft workout on a whatever day’s today — Tuesday. And stays. He came in the draft room yesterday. That’s the kind of guys you want. That’s our business: Basketball.”

Green has firmly established himself as one of the top winners in the sport. Having him help the team through the draft process can only be a good thing.