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NBA Draft: Warriors could have to spend $5.1 million for second round pick

The Warriors continue to aggressively pursue a second round pick, but people expect them to have to pay more to do so.

Boston Celtics v Golden State Warriors Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

At this point, it’s pretty much a given that the Golden State Warriors will attempt to buy a second round pick in the NBA Draft for the third consecutive year.

However, after grabbing Jordan Bell and Patrick McCaw in the past two drafts — not to mention Draymond Green back in 2012 — people are starting to wonder whether anybody will actually participate in a trade with the Warriors if they come calling. As Marcus Thompson of The Athletic tweeted, “If you’re an NBA GM and the Warriors come calling with $3.5 million to buy your second-round pick, do you answer?”

Well, Marc Stein of New York Times reported that one avenue that Warriors owner Joe Lacob is willing to take is to increase the amount of money he’s willing to exchange for a pick — whereas he paid $3.5 million for the pick that was used to select Bell, this year he could spend the full $5.1 million allotted.

The maximum amount Lacob can offer for a second-rounder this week has been raised to $5.1 million for the salary-cap year that ends June 30. The Warriors, of course, have more incentive than most teams to spend so extravagantly on a second-round pick because bringing in a player they like who commands the league’s lowest possible salary eases Golden State’s luxury tax burden next season ever so slightly.

Every dollar counts to ownership on that front.

Jeremy Woo of Sports Illustrated reiterated that point on Twitter tonight, noting that the Warriors are targeting a pick in the 30’s.

And with $5.1 million and some teams just knowing that they aren’t going to put a competitive roster together this season, the question is probably not whether the Warriors will find a taker for their money but who it might be.

Adam Mares, manager of SB Nation’s Denver Stiffs speculated that the Denver Nuggets might be in that perfect situation to trade a second round pick: no roster spots available, no D-League team, and an interest in money to offset expenses.

In any event, while everyone is talking about the trade activity that could be happening at the top of the draft, there’s a very good chance that the Warriors could be making things interesting in the second round.

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