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Warriors don’t buy a second-round pick

Unlike in the last few years, Golden State didn’t purchase an additional pick.

Golden State Warriors Introduce Steve Kerr Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

The 2018 NBA Draft is officially over. And the Golden State Warriors only made one selection.

There were rumors heading into the draft that the team would purchase a second-round pick. They did so last year, when they drafted Jordan Bell, and they did it the year before, when they drafted Patrick McCaw. But this year they opted against it.

Instead, the team used only the one pick they started the day with, the 28th pick, to select Cincinnati shooting guard Jacob Evans.

So why didn’t the Warriors purchase a pick? It may have been that they weren’t enamored with any players available later in the draft. Or it may have been that, after the ridicule the Chicago Bulls faced last year for selling their pick to Golden State, the league was hesitant to help the rich get richer once again. Reporter Marc Stein seems to think the latter is at least part of the reason why.

As such, the Warriors will enter free agency with 10 guaranteed contracts on their roster, meaning they have five spots open.

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