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The Luka Doncic era has begun: Diving deep with a Mavs fanatic and internet troll

Bram Kincheloe sits down with internet sensation Kirk Henderson to discuss all things NBA

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2018 NBA Draft Photo by Mike Stobe/Getty Images

Kirk Henderson, aka @KirkSeriousFace, is a well known internet presence and noted Mavs fan. We sat down to discuss all things NBA, including the Mavs’ heist of the #3 pick and Luka Doncic.

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2:00 - Heir apparent to Dirk in Dallas?

3:45 - Hawks made the bet that Trae Young is going to be better than Luka Doncic.

8:00 - Doncic has played 150 professional games in last two season. Also, eating lots of snacks.

12:15 - Immediate draft reactions that do actually bear out (aka Anthony Bennett)

15:00 - European players leading teams to a championship.

18:50 - Mental strength vs. physical strength.

22:45 - Warriors superior drafting skills. Also, Jordan Bell hangover, league-wide memo: don’t give the Warriors your second round pick.

25:00 - Kirk also hates Mark Jackson.

30:00 - Kirk is OG Luka Doncic fanboy.

31:20 - Kirk apologizes to Thomas Bevilacqua and admits Tom dunked on him in a beautiful manner on draft night.

39:30 - Deriving more pleasure from the draft than from the Finals.

44:15 - “Mavs are coming for the Warriors. We are going to avenge 2007.”

47:00 - “We’re the best at everything. We deserve whatever comes to us, get the F out of here.” Also, Summer League is great.

33:20 - Kevin Durant is Kirk’s second favorite player in the league. Also, talking about burner accounts, KD vs. Stephen Curry public persona, etc.

57:30 - NBA twitter is a f’ing cancer.

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