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Warriors free agency primer: Kevin Durant, Klay Thompson are the priorities

The Warriors are in an enviable position of not really needing to do all that much to count this as a successful offseason. The most important thing is just keeping the core players together along with fan favorites around the fringes.

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Today, each team site in the SB Nation NBA network is publishing an article detailing what they’d want out of free agency this offseason.

As the Golden State Warriors are coming off back-to-back titles, their situation is pretty straightforward. We’ve already addressed many of the biggest points in Patrick Murray’s series about the cap situation (here, here and here) in addition to rumors about what the Warriors free agents are thinking, but this is a brief summary to complement those in response to questions SBN gave us.

What can your team do in free agency that would make you over the moon happy?

The Warriors are in an enviable position of not really needing to do all that much to count this as a successful offseason. Locking up Kevin Durant and Klay Thompson for at least three years each would be a great start. And then just for me? I’d love to see my favorite marginal players return, especially JaVale McGee and Kevon Looney.

Beyond that? I’m looking for another high percentage shooter who doesn’t completely suck on defense. Nick Young was a disaster in the regular season, but redeemed himself in the playoffs.

My “over the moon” want list includes guys like Ersan Ilyasova, Trevor Ariza, or maybe even Tyreke Evans.

What might they do that makes you super mad online?

Can I do two answers? My initial response is signing Lance “throw my girl down the stairs” Stephenson. Under no conditions should a guy like that be allowed to join our franchise. Also, he can’t hit shots and isn’t very good any more.

Secondly, nickel-and-diming our main guys. I do not want to hear one single whisper about the front office balking at giving Durant or Thompson whatever combination of years and money they want.

How likely is it that you are gonna be happy or sad?

Extremely likely that I’ll be happy. This team has earned a mile-wide amount of slack from the fan base. Unearthing a center tandem of Zaza Pachulia and JaVale McGee without really having any money was brilliantly effective. Same goes for the Jordan Bell pick. I am at the point where I just inherently assume they tend to be right more often than me.

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