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Steve Kerr finalizing contract extension to become among highest-paid NBA coaches

Steve Kerr wasn’t going to play hard ball with the Warriors and, apparently, he didn’t exactly have to.

2018 NBA Finals - Game One Photo by Lachlan Cunningham/Getty Images

After leading the Golden State Warriors to four straight NBA Finals appearances in his first four years, Steve Kerr will be rewarded with one of the biggest contracts of any coach in the league.

Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN broke the news today on Twitter and followed up with a brief article that noted that the contract is a sign that Kerr’s health is at a point where he believes he can continue coaching. Tim Kawakami reinforced the notion that Kerr’s health is better based on his reporting about the contract negotiations back in October.

There will continue to be those that doubt Kerr’s ability or how much success he deserves for the Warriors’ success, but the lucrative extension is an obvious sign that the franchise is committed to him and his ability to guide this team to more championships.

There is still no word about whether this contract will be enough to afford Kerr his new house in San Francisco, an absurdly priced city that has experienced “an ongoing typhoon of housing expenses” based on multiple reports and standard human observation — if Woj could drop that bomb, it would be greatly appreciated.

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