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How Warriors vs. Cavaliers Round IV is like a Black Mirror dystopian sex scene

Ryan Mourton joins Bram Kincheloe to discuss all things Warriors vs. Cavs as the two teams meet for the fourth straight year in the NBA Finals.

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I welcomed Fear the Sword’s inimitable social voice and internet troll Ryan Mourton onto the pod to talk all things Golden State Warriors vs. Cleveland Cavaliers.

At the beginning of the year, many predicted a fourth installment of summer’s biggest blockbuster, namely, these two teams matching up. But, there’s a certain magic that is missing. A certain innocence we’ve lost through these long years.

Either way, Ryan and I jumped down into the fight pit, cage match, to discuss such things as Richard Jefferson (how he was awesome for the Cavaliers but horrible for the Warriors), if LeBron’s 2007 team was better or worse than this 2018 team, and much more including an unfortunate Black Mirror analogy.

Come for the chuckles, stay for the random Kyle Korver appreciation.

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Annotated time stamps (adjust if commercials, etc, out front):

2:30 - Can this be a series?

3:15 - Ryan making hand signs on his camera about how much he actually watched the Western Conference Finals.

4:00 - Officiating in Game 1.

7:30 - What it felt like to watch JR Smith’s boneheaded play in real time.

16:00 - Stephen Curry finally winning Finals MVP?

18:30 - LeBron’s GOAT status, also is this team worse than his first Finals team in 2007?

22:30 - A beautiful Richard Jefferson tangent.

29:00 - Houston Rockets hatred from Ryan as well.

30:30 - LeBron should be MVP this season, not James Harden.

37:00 - The ongoing, baffling plague of Kobe-stans.

40:15 - Predictions for the rest of the series.

45:30 - Something got messed up in the world as a whole once the Cavs won their championship. Did they trigger the downfall of humanity?

48:30 - Change in our personal feelings for basketball since both our teams won their first championships. Also, a really, deeply unfortunate Black Mirror analogy immediately followed by some random Kyle Korver talk.

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