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The Golden State Warriors are a dynasty

After a season that didn’t always feel fair or forgiving, the Warriors talent, drive and sense of identity won out in the end. And that feels good.

NBA: Finals-Golden State Warriors at Cleveland Cavaliers Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports

We all agree that the NBA season is too long. The regular season starts in October, the playoffs drag on for two months and the offseason is a season unto itself.

Malcolm Gladwell analogizes that the NBA season is like low-fat yogurt. It doesn’t taste great, there’s too much of it and there are other strains of yogurt that taste better.

Instead, Gladwell proposes an NBA season that resembles whole-milk yogurt — a couple games a week, each one feeling like a major event. I can attest: whole-milk yogurt tastes delicious. I’m excited to wake up and eat whole-fat yogurt. It makes me feel alive. An NBA schedule that reflects whole-milk yogurt would be wonderful.

Last night, the Golden State Warriors won their third championship in four years. This year, the regular season (and the rest of the news cycle) felt like digging into a gigantic container of low-fat yogurt — a Costco-sized container. That Golden State yogurt had some weird stuff in it and didn’t always taste good. We kept eating it though because we knew there would be something good at the bottom — if we ever got there. Freak injuries, burner Twitter accounts and a lack of motivation defined sections of the low-fat yogurt.

That’s not to say this year’s low-fat yogurt didn’t taste great. The Warriors have the best additional ingredients (tahini, artisanal jams, organic granola, California-grown fruit) in the league to toss into their low-fat yogurt.

When we walk to the refrigerator this morning, we’ll grab that large (but affordable) container of yogurt. Why is this morning different from all other mornings? Today, there’s no low-fat yogurt in the container. Today, we see the bottom of the container, and there’s also no whole-milk yogurt. Today, we find a giant ice cream sundae in the bottom of the yogurt container. Today is a great day, one of the best.

The Golden State Warriors are a dynasty.

If you are lactose intolerant, I am sorry for what you just read. There are no dairy-free options.

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