Ye of Little Faith...Flip Thy Switch!

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I happily want to eat crow and rejoice with egg on my face. Before the Playoffs started with the Dubs losing 10 of their last 17 games, I had some doubts. Serious doubts. Perhaps calling it done before the Playoffs start doubts.

"I’m not making any guarantees, I’m just stating my opinion that this isn’t their year (injuries they’ve never had to deal with to this severity and lack of cohesiveness) and that I have strong doubts-enough think about next season."

Some in the community thought it was "wrong" of me to potentially call the season done before the Playoffs started. One said it was even BS. With that said, boy oh boy was I wrong about the Dubs. The "flip the switch" movement was strong and with a large amount of faith I was unwilling to concede.

I was convinced this team that "took off" numerous nights in the regular season, missed numerous games due to injury, looked unmotivated and disinterested at times, relinquished the #1 overall seed and finished 7-10 their last 17 games couldn't possibly turn on this "switch". They utterly surprised me with their eventual "Flip". I didn't think there was a switch. To that shame on me.

I don't know if I can ever doubt this core of players anymore. They really can just go through the motions of the season and "Flip the Switch" that I thought was fantasy, but really was a reality. They only lost 5 games in these Playoffs. Won Back to Back and have won 3 of the Last 4 NBA Championships. What a freakishly great team we have in the Bay!!!

Ye of little faith

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