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Sammy Gelfand is leaving the Warriors

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An important member of Golden State’s front office is headed to the Detroit Pistons.

Golden State Warriors Victory Parade Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

You’ve never seen Sammy Gelfand play basketball. You probably don’t know what he looks like (I don’t!). You may not even know who he is.

But he’s an integral part of the Golden State Warriors. Or, rather, he was an integral part. He no longer is.

Gelfand was a member of the Warriors front office. He was most well known for being a vital piece of the team’s analytics team. In addition to providing the coaching staff with key statistics, he also has a presence in the locker room, and handles rebounding and passing for a lot of players warming up.

This offseason, he decided to leave the team, and join Dwane Casey’s staff on the Detroit Pistons. The news was first reported by Anthony Slater of The Athletic.

Slater notes that Gelfand was responsible for the team switching from Zaza Pachulia to JaVale McGee at starting center, a move that proved to be highly important.

Gelfand becomes the third key person behind the scenes to leave the team this summer. Head performance therapist Chelsea Lane also left the team recently, and so did security guard Ralph Walker, best known for accompanying Stephen Curry everywhere.

They may not see any game action, but these are some big losses for the team.