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Video: DeMarcus Cousins’ first day with the Warriors

If it still hasn’t soaked in that Boogie is a Warrior, this video is for you.

New Orleans Pelicans v Washington Wizards Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images

It’s still hard to believe, but it’s true: DeMarcus Cousins is a member of the Golden State Warriors. I don’t think that will truly sink in for Warriors fans - or angry fans of other teams - until Cousins suits up for the first time.

That won’t be for quite a while, but don’t worry, there’s still a lot of ways to get excited and hyped about one of the league’s most dynamic players joining Golden State. Cousins was recently introduced by the team, and immediately won over any fans who didn’t already love him.

And now the team has revealed an awesome video of Cousins’ first day with the Warriors. It’s a behind-the-scenes look at Boogie’s first chance meeting with key members of the organization, as well as the media. It’s really cool.

The best part comes at the end, with Cousins in a bus, en route to his introductory press conference. “It’s an exciting time for not only myself, but I think for the guys in the locker room, as well,” Cousins remarks. “We have a chance at something special, and we’re really just ready to get to work.”

It’s impossible to not be excited about the Cousins era starting in Golden State. His press conference, and videos like these, are just teasers for how fun the season will be.

In case you missed the press conference, you can watch the full video of it here: