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CJ McCollum is still talking about the Warriors

The Blazers’ shooting guard appears to be heavily invested in hating on the Warriors.

Golden State Warriors v Portland Trail Blazers - Game Four Photo by Steve Dykes/Getty Images

CJ McCollum appears to be a little bit obsessed with the Golden State Warriors. The shooting guard for the Portland Trail Blazers has spent a rather shocking amount of time this summer talking about the Warriors, and expressing his displeasure that players like Kevin Durant and DeMarcus Cousins have joined the “superteam”.

Earlier in the summer, McCollum had Durant on his podcast, where the two playfully bantered, with McCollum saying he was mad at Durant and Cousins. That led to a handful of Twitter exchanges, including one in which the Portland sharpshooter labeled KD as “soft.”

But it didn’t end there. While in China this week, McCollum appeared on China Central Television, where he kept the comments about the Warriors coming.

“I would never do anything of that nature, I think it’s disgusting,” McCollum answered when asked if he would join a superteam. “I’m not built like those guys. I was raised differently.”

Asked whether joining superteams will become the new norm, McCollum said “No. I think some players will take that route, but most guys have too much pride, want to really win on their own, or in their certain organization, and aren’t gonna just jump the bandwagon.”

On the one hand, McCollum was specifically asked about the Warriors, so you can’t blame him for bringing up the subject. On the other hand, he sure does have an interesting take, and I can’t help but laugh at “I was raised differently,” as though joining a great team is some heinous act that represents a shift in core values.

McCollum is, of course, entitled to his own opinion, but the comments are getting so plentiful that it’s a little hilarious. And, as always, people continue to presume that the only reason for joining Golden State is to take the fast track to a title, instead of because of the opportunities and growth offered by the team.

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