A brief appreciation of Steve Kerr's offense

Jed Jacobsohn/Getty Images

NBA TV showed an abridged GSW-Denver playoff game from 2013 earlier this week. I hadn't seen the pre-Iguodala Warriors in years so I tuned in.

I kept saying out loud, "The Warriors have no offense." It was striking. Curry could shoot, but they had no plan to get him open, or Thompson open. They appeared to have no plan at all. David Lee brought the ball down, ran into traffic, passed to a double-teamed Curry or Thompson, who ran at the rim and maybe made it or maybe didn't. They looked like a pickup team on offense.

In fact, it was surprising to think Iguodala, playing for Denver, would see enough in the team to be immediately convinced he wanted to join. Curry's shooting talent was apparent, but Draymond barely played (he already had super confidence on defense) and Thompson just looked like another solid but unspectacular guard.

Mark Jackson taught them defense and there may be some residual benefit of that to this day, but wow, was he a bad offensive coach.

These days Kerr's most important qualities seem to be as a team counselor/psychologist. That stuff absolutely matters, as it did with his mentors. But his offense might matter more. To appreciate its beauty, just look at what the Warriors' offense looked like before.

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