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Draymond Green to LeBron James: “I think you should say that” you’re the best in the world

On the first episode of LeBron’s new TV show, Green had nice things to say about his rival.

2018 NBA Finals - Game Three Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

LeBron James and Draymond Green may be rivals on the basketball court, but they’re friends off it, with an enormous amount of respect for each other. That was on full display this week, when Green was a guest on the first episode of James’ new TV show, The Shop.

The Shop is a full-length, James-produced HBO show that grew from an online series (that Green also appeared in). It features James with his longtime friend, manager, and business partner Maverick Carter (who also produces the show), in a barber shop, chopping it up with fellow athletes, celebrities, and people of great influence, while getting their hair cut and sipping fine wine.

It’s an unfiltered look into the life of not only one of the greatest athletes of all time, but many distinguished guests.

The first episode features Green, Candace Parker of the WNBA’s Los Angeles Sparks, Odell Beckham Jr. of the NFL’s New York Giants, comedian and TV personality Jon Stewart, and many other terrific guests. At one point Green began to speak about the evolution of James, and had some powerful words for the four-time MVP.

Warning: Video contains language.

After being asked if James can come out and call himself the best player on the planet, Green says, “I think you should say that. I think you should believe that. And you should definitely let the world know that.”

He didn’t stop there. “I think ‘Bron, over the last four years, became LeBron James,” Green explained. “And it wasn’t nothing to do with winning, it wasn’t nothing to do with stats - he found himself. People didn’t start to view him as they view him now until he became that force, that man to say, ‘I’m here.’ I feel like, for years he shied away from saying, ‘I’m here.’ And when he started to say, ‘F*** y’all, I’m here’, that’s when he became who he is, and no one would’ve ever said that until he did it himself. Mother******s f*** with Mike because Mike was like, ‘I’m Mike, with my hoop earring, f*** all y’all, I’m here” . . . that’s when he became the figurehead that he is. So many people shy away from that, and that’s why they never reach their full potential.”

The “Mike” that Green is referring to is Michael Jordan, and I have to say . . . that is some glorious imagery.

It’s a pretty wonderful quote, and so majestically Green. It’s emphatic and strong and unapologetic, and the point is on the nose. James - who, given his level of success, is remarkably humble - only recently started talking about his success (including when he famously said the Cleveland Cavaliers had a chance in the 2015 NBA Finals because, “I’m the best player in the world.”)

He’s generally not cocky about his abilities, but he is open about them, and he’s certainly earned that right.

It’s always fun to see rivals talk about each other, whether it be compliments or criticism. Trolling and trash talk aside, James and Green have only ever had the former for each other.

Their respective teams will meet on Christmas Day when the Golden State Warriors host the Los Angeles Lakers.

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