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Video: Kevin Durant and Kevon Looney play one-on-one

Looney has some skills we didn’t know about!

NBA: Finals-Golden State Warriors at Cleveland Cavaliers David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

Nothing encapsulates fervent NBA fandom quite like offseason workout videos. Every summer we get to see numerous NBA players showcasing new and improved facets of their game in an empty gym or a mild pickup game, and then a segment of fans drools over the tape, while another segment laughs at anyone gleaning something meaningful from the footage.

It’s beautiful.

We all remember Hoodie Melo from last year. And if you bought Hoodie Melo, you should see the tape this year from Jahlil Okafor dream-shaking on imaginary defenders, and Andre Drummond nailing pull-up threes over the contesting hands of a ghost.

All that is to say, take workout videos with a grain of salt. But if they happen with Golden State Warriors, well then . . . let’s get excited!

The following video excited me. It’s a video of Kevin Durant and Kevon Looney playing one-on-one. Check it out:

Jokes aside, I don’t recommend reading much into this at all; mostly it’s just enjoyable because it’s a full minute of two Warriors playing basketball, and that’s great.

Still, it’s awesome to see Looney’s game. He clearly has skills defending wings on the perimeter - as he exhibited in the Conference Finals - and that is huge in the modern game. Steve Kerr once said that Looney was a power forward in a league that no longer needed power forwards, so it’s amazing to see him evolve and reinvent his skillset to fit today’s game.

And his offense looked mighty impressive as well. Look at that jumper, and those hesitations, even if he appears allergic to going left.

We probably won’t see Looney showcase much of these offensive moves this year, but it is a strong reminder that even the players who we think of as having little-to-no offense are really, really, really talented.

And, of course, Durant is freaking phenomenal.

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