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Draymond Green and Snoop Dogg discuss the word “owner” in sports

Check out this bonus clip from LeBron James’ “The Shop”.

2018 NBA Finals - Game Four Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

At the beginning of last season, Draymond Green had some powerful words about the word “owner” being used to describe the majority shareholder of a professional sports team. His sentiments came after some very problematic quotes from Bob McNair of the Houston Texans.

The other day Green revisited the topic, in a bonus clip from The Shop, the new HBO show produced by LeBron James. In the bonus clip, Green discusses the use of the word “owner”, with a lot of thoughts from Snoop Dogg and Jon Stewart as well. It’s pretty powerful stuff.

Note: Video contains language.

“You shouldn’t say owner,” Green suggests. When asked what one should say instead, Green says, “CEO or chairman . . . But when you think of a basketball team, like nobody don’t think of the f****** Golden State Warriors and, like, think of that damn bridge. Like, they think of the players that make that team.”

When Maverick Carter (James’ manager and lifelong friend, who also produced the show) asks, “What bridge? The bridge on the front of your jersey?” Green responds, “Exactly! You don’t even know what the f*** it’s called.”

Just as with other clips from the show, it’s fun to see Green, along with other athletes and celebrities, talking in a more honest environment than we’re used to seeing.

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