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Ex-Warrior Stephen Jackson takes Andrew Wiggins behind the social media woodshed

As NBA off-season pettiness continues to captivate social media, Stephen Jackson goes old school on Andrew Wiggins.

NBA: Playoffs-Utah Jazz at Golden State Warriors
Stephen Jackson was a Warriors fan favorite for his old school toughness and his part on the ‘We Believe’ squad.
Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Jimmy Butler’s request to be traded from Minnesota sent NBA Twitter into a frenzy on Wednesday. A plethora of memes and responses were expressed by fans, writers and players, far and wide, but none may have been as compelling as former Golden State Warrior Stephen Jackson’s reaction.

First, Andrew Wiggins’ brother responds to Jimmy Butler’s trade request:

Then Stephen Jackson reacts to the Wiggins brothers on Instagram:

Andrew Wiggins responds to Jackson on his Instagram:

Captain Jackson then sends a message to Andrew Wiggins about catching him in “traffic”:

Nick Wiggins can’t let it go and claps back at Jackson, but the proverbial damage had been done at this point:

Leave it to the NBA to dominate the sports headlines during the off-season, a testament to the star power of its players and their mastery of pettiness channeled through social media.

Chances are that this back-and-forth is nothing more than social media posturing and is all in good fun.

But the Wiggins brothers might want to review tape of Malice at the Palace just in case they find themselves needing to navigate “traffic” in the future.

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