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Klay Thompson reiterates his desire to stay in the Bay

The Warriors sharpshooter doesn’t want to go anywhere.

Golden State Warriors Media Day Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

Klay Thompson has said it over and over again. He wants to spend his entire career with the Golden State Warriors.

On Monday at the team’s Media Day, the four-time All-Star reiterated his stance by making an extremely eloquent point. Asked about his upcoming free agency next summer, Thompson noted that it didn’t excite him, because the point of free agency is to try and find a situation like the one he is already in.

I’m not sure if there’s anything more Klay Thompson than saying “I’m content” about the situation he’s in. The sharpshooter clearly loves playing for the Warriors, having the coaches and teammates that he has, and living in the Bay Area.

Thompson also discussed the possibility of a contract extension, though he didn’t show his cards much. He mostly just said that his agent handles that for him, and this is where he earns his money.

Of Thompson’s many admirable traits, perhaps my favorite is that the grass never seems greener to him. He loves what he has, and in his eyes, that’s all that he could possibly ask for.

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