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Richard Jefferson only has one ring, and he blames Kevin Durant for that

The recently retired wing thinks the Cavs would have won a second title had the Warriors not signed Durant.

NBA: Finals-Cleveland Cavaliers at Golden State Warriors Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Kevin Durant joining the Golden State Warriors did not break the league, and it was not unfair. But it certainly did give the team, already coming off two consecutive NBA Finals appearances, a serious leg up on the competition.

Count Richard Jefferson among those unhappy about it.

Jefferson, who retired over the summer after a 17-year career, played for the Cleveland Cavaliers for two years: In 2015-16, when Cleveland beat the Warriors, and in 2016-17, when they lost to the KD-led Dubs. And to hear Jefferson tell it, he feels he should have two rings, instead of one.

In a post for The Players’ Tribune, Jefferson summed it up pretty hilariously:

You know what’s sick? Even after all that, it genuinely pisses me off that we didn’t repeat as champions. I should have two rings.

( F***ing Kevin Durant, man!!!)

Still, it was a hell of a run.

Richardson is obviously just having fun, so don’t go calling for his head here. But it’s still a pretty funny statement when taken literally. Every team in the league would have won the title if not for [insert excuse here].

It’s worth reading Jefferson’s article. There are some tough parts for Warriors fans - he describes Game 7 of the 2016 Finals in great detail, and discusses how he never thought the Cavs even had a chance - but it’s a terrific story of overcoming obstacles to make it to the NBA. It’s full of fun and fascinating anecdotes from Jefferson, who spent parts of two years with the Warriors - including a rather hilarious NSFW college story about one Gilbert Arenas.

Give it a read. And then enjoy the fact that, no matter what Jefferson wants, the Warriors won the 2017 NBA Finals.

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