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Can the Warriors best a 51-point quarter? Let’s watch them play the Pelicans and find out!

Last time they played the Pelicans, Golden State put up 131 points in a win

NBA: New Orleans Pelicans at Golden State Warriors

Ok folks, here we go - the final warm-up run without Demarcus Cousins. It’s a scorched Earth sort of vibe around the Golden State Warriors right now, and the New Orleans Pelicans are the next potential victim.

Coach Steve Kerr, a man who loves to tinker with his lineups, has abandoned the so-called “stagger” approach. Rather than trying to force either Durant or Curry to play offset from one another, Kerr is now seemingly content to go back to the old approach - maximize the time for Durant and Curry to play alongside one another, and sort out the weird bench units’ 10 minutes or so however we can.

Last game, the Warriors absolutely demolished the Denver Nuggets to reclaim their rightful place atop the Western Conference rankings. Although they may not sit as high in the standings, the New Orleans Pelicans are a dangerous team in their own right.

Golden State stopped the interior attack of Denver by aggressively doubling the post. But that may not work as well against the Pelicans because of the sneaky prowess of Julius Randle. Then again... something tells me none of the Warriors are really all that worried about this game.

So grab a beverage and kick your feet up, this should be a fun one!

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