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The resurgence is complete: Cousins impresses as Warriors trounce Clippers

Bada Bing Bada Boom. He’s really a Warrior.

NBA: Golden State Warriors at Los Angeles Clippers Robert Hanashiro-USA TODAY Sports

The Warriors are about to be ridiculous.. I mean REALLY Ridiculous.

After receiving the feed from Kevin Durant, DeMarcus Cousins rumbled through the paint, lifted his 6’11 270 pound frame toward the rim and threw down an emphatic dunk for his first basket since tearing his Achilles last season.

That’s game.

Cousins: 1

Achilles: 0

In that dunk was 12 months of agony in the rehab process, excitement of the possibilities of playing with his new squad, and the anxiety of stepping on the court again after sustaining and surviving one of the most severe injures in sports. Even if Cousins didn’t have a stellar line, this play, this moment would have been enough.

But Cousins received more in his first game back.

His line? 15 minutes (fouled out in 4th), 14 points off of 5-for-11 shooting, including 3-of-4 from deep. Considering the circumstance, not a bad season debut for Boogie Cousins. Here are a few observations from last night’s 112-94 victory over the Los Angeles Clippers.

A New Dimension On Offense

With Cousins in the lineup, the Warriors have a weapon that they haven’t had before: a center who can not only pass and facilitate in Kerr’s motion offense but also score. In limited action, Cousins showed his whole repertoire. He can ISO, He can pass, score in the post, and yes hit 3’s. ( he tried to tell us that he was the third splash brother years ago) .

Notice at 2:27, Cousins splashes the three off of scissors with Klay Thompson. Look how the Clippers tend to sag off of him. Cousins has the ability to make opposing defenses pay. He would go on to hit two more threes in the game. His shots looked solid and that was the result of making an effort to refine his shot during rehab. It’s possible for Cousins to shoot within the 40 percent range from three, especially if defenses sag off.

Cousins is also a run stopper. Other teams can go on a run to pull themselves back into the game, but Cousins on the block can quickly end runs by exploiting mismatches and post ups.

Cousins’ Conditioning

Before his injury, Cousins wasn’t known to be someone who plays with pace. But last night, Cousins moved well all considering. Granted it’s only his first game back and he has a while to really get into shape, but the Warriors must be encouraged by the way Cousins moved. Even in that first dunk, Cousins’ cut to the basket looked sharp and solid. In the scissors play with Thompson, however, Cousins seemed to be hesitant in that cut towards the basket before hitting the three. As the season progresses, expect Cousins to move even better.

Warriors win points in the paint

Golden State outscored the Clippers 44 to 42 in points in the paint. As the season progresses with Cousisns, the Warriors could not only just hold their own in the paint but win a few of these battles.

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