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Video: Kevin Durant re-connects with one of his biggest fans

This is pretty incredible.

Golden State Warriors v Phoenix Suns Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Kevin Durant likes to remind the world that there’s more to life than just basketball, and that he’s more than just a basketball player. The Golden State Warriors star has mentioned many times in interviews that we all need a little bit more perspective, and that we often reduce athletes to their athletic feats, and nothing more.

And his actions back that up. When the Warriors visited the Phoenix Suns on New Year’s Eve, Durant was met in the hallways by one of his biggest fans. It happened to be that fan’s birthday, and KD stopped to show him some love.

The video was posted by the fan’s brother, and, according to social media, their father is a former Warriors scout. It was the fourth meeting between the superstar and super fan, and each one is heartwarming. Check them out:

This is great, and helps us all keep a little perspective. While Twitter may be full of arguments as to how much Durant’s rings mean since he joined the Warriors, this is the person he cares about being: A difference-maker on the court, and a difference-maker off it.

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