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Report: Warriors interested in Cavs guard Rodney Hood

Don’t expect anything to happen, but Golden State is reportedly intrigued by the Cleveland wing.

NBA: Golden State Warriors at Cleveland Cavaliers Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports

The Golden State Warriors are reportedly interested in Cleveland Cavaliers shooting guard Rodney Hood. The report comes from Sam Amico of Amico Hoops, who writes “The Los Angeles Clippers are at least one team keeping an eye on Hood. I’ve recently heard of interest from the Pelicans, Sacramento Kings, Toronto Raptors and, yes, Golden State Warriors, too.”

It seems far more likely that the Warriors will fill out their roster through the buyout market than through trades, but this is certainly something to keep an eye on. The Cavs have numerous veterans on the trading block, and are openly willing to take on less desirable contracts if it can help the team down the line.

Golden State doesn’t exactly have any contracts they’re trying to dump, nor do they have the requisite cap space to trade for Hood’s one-year $3.5 million contract without matching contracts. Even if the Warriors tried to dump Shaun Livingston’s deal in a trade, it would require targeting a few more pieces from Cleveland just to match salaries, and that makes the trade nearly impossible.

The Warriors could, in theory, help facilitate a three-team trade, with the understanding that they would then sign Hood after the receiving team buys him out. Or they could trade two of their younger pieces for Hood but . . . why?

On top of that, Warriors GM Bob Myers has admitted that the team is targeting a center for their 15th roster spot, and the team is hoping to eventually end up with Robin Lopez. But if Lopez is traded, and no quality centers are bought out, it seems likely that Golden State will start looking at wing options.

Amico also notes J.R. Smith as a potential option for the Warriors, as the Cavs are reportedly moving towards buying out the veteran sharpshooter.

Both Hood and Smith would be interesting additions to the Warriors, albeit additions that don’t particularly move the needle. Any path towards Golden State acquiring them is complicated and not particularly realistic, so don’t expect to see them wearing Warriors colors anytime this season.

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