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Woj Rumor: Lakers, Anthony Davis could be an enticing option for Klay Thompson in Free Agency

IF Warriors don’t offer a max contract, and IF they Lakers have Davis... Klay MIGHT be interested in Los Angeles.

NBA: Golden State Warriors at Los Angeles Lakers
Show him the money!

Ugh, here we go folks!

Like an arcane steam-powered machine, the rumor mill is slowly building up momentum around Klay Thompson and the Lakers. Not coincidentally, this is another rumor fed to NBA Twitter god, Adrian Wojnarowski that would provide added incentive for megastar Anthony Davis to force his way into Los Angeles to play alongside Lebron James on the Lakers.

As transcribed by Reddit user Luck_Skywalker (who just so happens to have Lakers flair attached to his name), here is Wojnarowski on ESPN discussing what he’s been told:

For those who prefer to skip the video, here’s the salient quote:

“The best-case scenario for LA is that they add Anthony Davis and then Golden State doesn’t offer Klay Thompson a max contract. They try to get Klay to take a little bit less than the max. And if that happens, I’m told Klay’s attention will be on LA if they have Anthony Davis.”

Take this all with a huge grain of salt though folks - there is a metric ton of assumptions and “if, then” statements being bandied about. And as with all of these “rumors” you have to read between the lines by asking “who would leak this?” and “who would benefit?”

Since we added Kevin Durant, everyone on the outside has been dying to see this squad get broken up. This offseason is one of the more obvious linchpins. Presumably, the Warriors will of Durant a maximum contract in the upcoming offseason leaving the franchise beholden to a large luxury tax bill.

The thinking (at least around here) is that Thompson would also get a max, or near-max contract offer - and that the team could afford it partially due to their finalization of their enormous real estate development in San Francisco. But it’s that “near-max” that could open the door for other teams.

You see, the rules of these maximum salaries are are weird, so a “near max” here may be exactly what a max contract from another team would look like. In other words, don’t try and short-change Klay, or he may walk.

Or at least, that’s what someone told Woj.

Thompson, has been fairly vocal about his desire to stay with the Warriors, but the world is a transient, impermanent experience, and who knows what could change between now and this Summer.

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