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Patrick McCaw played 18 minutes in his season debut

The third-year wing got plenty of playing time in his first game of the season.

NBA: Miami Heat at Cleveland Cavaliers David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

On Sunday night, Patrick McCaw officially joined the Cleveland Cavaliers. And on Wednesday night, just three days after the Golden State Warriors opted to not match his non-guaranteed, two-year, $6 million deal, McCaw made his season debut.

Statistically, McCaw didn’t do too much in the Cavs loss to the Miami Heat: He totaled 2 points, 1 assists, and 1 steal, while shooting 1-2 from the field. The basket he scored, however, was rather nifty.

But in his season debut, it wasn’t the stats that anyone should care about; instead, the encouraging sign for the Cavs was that McCaw played 18 minutes, and didn’t appear winded. He hadn’t played in an NBA game since July, and had only been signed to a roster for three days, yet it was clear that the third-year wing was in game shape. It was fair to wonder what kind of shape the 23-year old would be in when he finally joined a team, and it looks like that question was answered.

We’ll have to wait and see a larger sample before determining how well McCaw is playing, but on Wednesday he looked active and engaged defensively.

Regardless of how you feel about McCaw forcing his way off of the Warriors, seeing him suit up was a nice sight. After the terrifying fall he took during the 2017-18 season, many feared he’d never play an NBA game again. And during the start of this season, it was fair to wonder if he was getting bad guidance and was throwing away his last shot at the league.

Thankfully, neither of those proved to be the case. No one anticipated, when the summer began, that McCaw would be playing for anyone other than the Warriors this year, but the simple fact that he’s playing is a welcome sight.

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