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Boogie’s home court debut as Warriors host Sixers

Golden State puts it’s 11-win streak on the line against one of the toughest teams in the East

NBA: Golden State Warriors at Indiana Pacers
“Game, blouses”

After a day rocked by the big trade, the Golden State Warriors will unleash our new Center, Demarcus Cousins on the home crowd faithful at Oracle Arena for the first time in a Warriors uniform.

Oh, and that trade? On the off chance that you were living under a rock, you can see all the details here, but the Knicks will receive Dennis Smith Jr. and the expiring contracts of DeAndre Jordan and Wes Matthews in the proposed trade, according to Marc Stein. The Mavericks will have to also take on the contracts of Tim Hardaway Jr. (owed about $36 million over the next two seasons, and then a $19 million player option) and Courtney Lee (who has another year on a deal that totals approximately $24 million).

But the Warriors don’t really care about any of that. Instead, their focus will be squarely fixed on tonight’s game against one of the tougher teams in the NBA.

For Cousins, this game will be one of his first real tests. Joel Embiid is a sevon-foot tall beast of a man with the post game footwork of Tim Duncan. While the Warriors haven’t really struggled beating the Sixers in recent times, this game will offer an intriguing glimpse of how Cousins fares in high-pressure games.

Also, in the happiest news department:

He's going to be tired, but it will be nice to have Jonas Jerebko back!

Grab a drink and kick back, LGW!!

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